“Dreams Do Come True Because You Can Now Literally Melt Fat off Your Body”

Elite Daily, August 2016


“Exclusive: Vanquish, a New Machine, Zaps Fat With No Pain”

Allure, March 2013


“New Non-Contact RF Device for Body Contouring – The Vanquish”

American Health & Beauty, April 5, 2013


“New Selective RF Device Simplifies Fat Reduction; BTL Vanquish Advances Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Technology”

The Aesthetic Guide, May/June 2013


“Operator Independent Focused High Frequency ISM Band for Fat Reduction: Porcine Model”

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, April 2013


“The Ultimate Fat Burner? A New High-Tech Treatment Claims to (Quickly, Painlessly) Whittle Your Waist and Flatten Your Tummy”, August 16, 2013


“Vanquish: A Pain-Free Fat Melter”, April 22, 2013


“Vanquish Fat Reduction”

American Health & Beauty


“Vanquish Your Love Handles Forever? New ‘Game Changing’ Noninvasive Procedure Promises to Kill Fat Cells for Good”

Daily Mail Reporter, August 13, 2013



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